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Project engineering

We prepare typical and untypical projects of injection moulds based on technical documentation received from the customer. For those who come to us only with an idea, solutions may be suggested. Projects can be optimised as far as technology, budget and efficiency are concerned. We are experienced in high and low pressure injection moulding.


We can make injection moulds both for the production of pea-size elements and large containers to store them. Our company has got the software and machines needed to implement even the most difficult projects. All indispensible dies and punches can be prepared in our toolroom. Ready moulds can be equipped with the necessary automatic control.


We manufacture plastic products and composites such as pDPCD, ABS, PE, PA, POM. The technology used by us is high pressure injection and reaction injection moulding (RIM). In our portfolio there are products for both domestic and European automotive, railway, lighting and building industry.

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