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From vision to project

Have you got an idea for a new product or would you like to improve something which already exists on the market? You know what you want, but you have no idea how to do it? We are at your disposal. We can together discuss project assumptions and analyse the function of the product. We will suggest optimal technology and material and help you avoid potential pitfalls. In the end, you will get a ready-made project.

Models and prototypes

If you would like to see and touch what you have thought up, order a prototype. For a start, it can be a three-dimensional model of a product made in a computer program. The virtual content is then made real by means of computer numerical control machines or a 3D printer. In this way, the prototypes of washbasins, vehicles or lighting elements come into being.

Bucks and negatives

The flagship of our company are bucks for industrial moulds. We specialize in small-sized and medium-sized bucks made on the basis of a three-dimensional model of a final product. Our products may be provided with different sorts of texture – from ideally smooth surface to textures resembling stone, paper, wood, etc. We also make moulds and negatives for example for composite, ceramic and building industry.

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