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Short series of products

For the customers who are planning to have short series of products manufactured, a complete service is offered, which aims at optimisation of production costs. Taking into account the budget, we analyse the design and construction, choose the material and technology, and order production. We have already done some short-series manufacturing for car and building industry.


Reaction injection moulding is a low-pressure technology used in short series manufacturing. RIM does not entail such big costs as traditional injection moulding. The polymers used in low-pressure moulding have low viscosity, which allows us to produce big, light and thin-walled elements.

Telene / DCPD

This is ideal material for small and medium series. It makes it possible to design big and complicated elements with alternating thickness of walls and surfaces which are easy to paint. It maintains stiffness, lightness and impact resistance even at -40˚C. Thanks to its exceptional resistance to acids and alkalis, telene products are used in petroleum and chemical industry.

Short series - plastics
Short series - steel
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