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From project to product –
total responsibility

The knowledge and experience in project engineering and manufacturing of plastic products makes it possible for us to assume responsibility for an order from the stage of design to a ready-made product. We can also create a family of products or a system. Our company can take on responsibility for just one or several elements of the process – a project, a prototype or a mould.

Engineering as a construction, design and optimisation

Designing a product involves acting at three levels. The starting point is the function of the element, which determines the way it is constructed. The design gives the product an attractive and functional form. We also remember about optimisation of the project as far as industrial manufacturing is concerned. Technological conditions, efficiency and economy are all taken into account.

Technological advice and problem solving

If you would like to confront your vision with our knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing of plastic products, you are welcome. You will get advice how to manufacture a product within the limits determined by its function, budget and deadline. You will also get assistance in solving technical problems and organizing production.

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